Seeks Success Via Revenge

Last week’s Internext 2003 show was, among other things, a platform for many companies to launch new products and Webmasters to launch new sites. One of the Websites that made its debut at the Westin Diplomat was Marlboro, NJ-based, a unique site dedicated to sexual revenge fantasies.

The first of many reality sites, was started by Erotica Cash Affiliate Program President Steve Blaier, who also directs and scripts the fantasies.

“Vengified is taking two pretty powerful things that humans do, sex and revenge, and slamming them both together,” Blaier told AVN Online. “It’s not about the violence of revenge, but the sexuality and the emotion of it that we focus on. Our videos are fun and funny.”

Filmed on location, “Each video represents humanity’s need to get even, combining electrical sexual revenge with funny one-liners,” Blaier said.

“I like to do sites that people can relate to. The crowd for this is the 18- to 40-year-olds. They get it and think it’s hilarious. The set-ups are things people can relate to, like getting back at your lover who has cheated on you and stuff like that. The sex is a mix of hardcore and soft-, because it’s the revenge element that is the real turn-on.” 

Always thinking outside the box, Blaier invented the name “Vengified” as a play on the word “revenge.” Another example of his skewed imagination was how promoted itself at Internext. Attendees were “Vengified” by pretty models wearing short shorts with the logo displayed across their butts. In addition, stickers were slapped onto unsuspecting victims. 

“Internext went really well,” noted Blaier. “I met a lot of people I’ve spoken to over the years, and the reaction was great.” will be included in Erotica Cash’s Reality Site revenue sharing program, offering Webmasters a 50/50 partnership. Banners and text ads are available for marketing, and stafferswill be on hand to help Webmasters market this product. Webmasters who sign up before Aug. 31, 2003 will be given a 75/25 partnership for the first three months.