Vena Virago's 'Honey Bunny' Celebrates AVN Hall of Famers

LOS ANGELES - Director Vena Virago's new Vivid-Alt movie Honey Bunny pays tribute to the women of the AVN Hall of Fame in an unusual way.

The experimental XXX feature was partly shot during Virago's solo show at West Hollywood's Circus Gallery in May. One of the pieces showcased in that exhibit is "The Birthday Party: The Women of the Adult Video News Hall of Fame," a mural of drawings illustrating 112 names from the prestigious AVN Awards category.

"Honey Bunny is the story of one woman's journey, and part of that is a sexual awakening," Virago told AVN. "The actors in the movie recite the names of the AVN Hall of Fame women as a kind of performance piece that fits in with that theme. The movie has a loose, stream-of-consciousness narrative; Page Morgan plays the lead; the movie is tied together with her walking around, talking and thinking; she sometimes thinks she's a bunny. It's kinda trippy and hallucinogenic."

The AVN Hall of Fame mural featured during a fetishistic sex scene in the gallery with Varla Vex and Poppy Roxx. The drawings also appear in the movie as special-effects backgrounds created by video artists from the experimental Brooklyn art space Monkeytown.

Vivid-Alt head Eon McKai hailed Honey Bunny as an extraordinary release: a porn movie, a performance piece, and an art exhibit in one package.

"I think Vena's stuff is amazing, McKai told AVN. "By using her show at Circus Gallery as a location for this movie, we we got a legitimate crossover between porn and the art world. We had people there from and Artillery. Some people see the combination of art and porn as a thorn in their side, but you can't stop it. Art and smut are always going to mix together." 

Honey Bunny also stars Adrianna Nicole, Marie Luv, Max Mikita, Tyler Knight, Alex Gonz, Jordan Ash and Dino Bravo. The movie ships today and arrives in stores Sept. 17.

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