VCX Owner Skydives for Charity

David Sutton of classic adult label VCX has entered the Sin City Sky Dive for Charity, a May 18 fundraiser for Vegas-based Corps of Compassion. To solicit donations for the benefit, Sutton and porn newcomer Goldie Sparxxx will jump out of an airplane just outside Las Vegas. 

"We've been around since the '60s and have always given to worthwhile causes," Sutton told "There are over 4,000 homeless and at-risk children living within the Las Vegas Valley. The Corps of Compassion is a local charity that feeds over 700 children every weekend so they don't have to go to school Monday on an empty stomach. They also hold a big birthday party every month for those kids having birthdays during the month. So let's get our checkbooks out and help these kids!"

Sutton got involved with the benefit through the Sin City Chamber of Commerce, a trade group that helps adult businesses denied membership in more mainstream chambers. When VCX lost its liability insurance earlier this year because of its status as an adult-oriented business, the SCCC helped him find a new insurance carrier.

Sutton told that he hopes to use video footage of the skydiving event in a future VCX production starring up-and-comer Sparxxx. 

"We're both doing tandem jumps; otherwise, you have to go to jump school," Sutton explained. "Goldie is going to jump attached to somebody else who knows how to steer one of these things, and so am I. We're actually working with her manager, and we've got a storyboard working now on an idea of a girl who's an adrenaline junkie and becomes a nympho every time she gets an adrenaline rush. We're going to shoot the soft stuff in Nevada, and then we'll do the hardcore portion in California."

Sutton encourages adult-industry friends and enemies alike to donate to the cause. "This is a fully tax-deductible donation, so give as much as you can," he said. 

Checks should be made payable to "Corps of Compassion" (memo: David Sutton's Skydive) and sent to: 


3430 Precision Drive

North Las Vegas, NV 89032

For more information, e-mail [email protected] or call toll-free (800) 350-1931.