VCX Disputes Arrow's Rights To <i>Debbie Does Dallas</i>

LAS VEGAS - VCX president David Sutton is charging Arrow Productions with violating the rights he claims his company has long held to distribute and license classic X-rated film Debbie Does Dallas.

"They are talking about releasing this 30th anniversary edition of Debbie Does Dallas," Sutton told AVN. "Unfortunately for them, there's a copyright on Debbie Does Dallas, and it's in the name of VCX. We own the trademark on the title, all the rights are good on the title, and [Arrow owner] Ray Pistol is sticking to his guns that when he bought the company from the mob, the mob had a master on the floor, and they told him that everything on the floor is [his]. That's basically his providence for that title. That's it, nothing else."

Because of the nebulous details of the original ownership rights to adult films of that era, however, Sutton explained that it can be very difficult to get federal judges to protect those of the current owner. "That's why I haven't started a huge battle with Arrow," he said. "My problem is this: VCX has a number of cash cows, but Debbie Does Dallas is by far number one; probably five to one over our next selling title. It sells huge numbers every year. The numbers, though, have gone down since Pistol put out a competing version."

According to Sutton, "I've offered to speak with him, I've tried to speak with him, and I'm basically fed up with it. I've spent a lot of money, probably more than any other classic company on the planet, in fighting these cases, and we win most of them, but sometimes we lose. And I'm really tired of spending all this money, this good money after bad. I'm at the end of my rope on this damn thing. The guy won't stop. He's trying to kill my cash cow, and I haven't done a thing. I still buy my Deep Throats from him. I sell a lot of Deep Throats; I buy them from Ray Pistol. I buy them from Arrow."

AVN also spoke with Ray Pistol, who said, "I'm not really surprised at this. We've discussed the Debbie Does Dallas before; he's given his side, I've given my side, and if he thinks he can prevail in court, that's fine. I think I will." 

Sutton indicated to AVN that he is consulting with his lawyer about bringing suit, but hopes to resolve the situation out of court.