VCX Delivers Best Golden Age News In Ages

VCX owner Dave Sutton informs us that he's just inked a deal with Lee Kasper of NuTech Digital to become the sole North American distributor for NuTech's Classic line – and what a line it is! About a dozen of the titles, which were originally produced by various companies – most notably CalVista – made the grade for porn historian Jim Holliday and were included in his book "Only The Best," and several that didn't are, in our opinion, just as good, garnering AAAA or higher ratings.

On that score, one of our favorites is Vista Valley PTA, directed by Anthony Spinelli and featuring teacher Jessie St. James, students Sharon Kane and Dorothy Lemay, plus parents Juliet Anderson and Kay Parker. Juliet and Dorothy are mother and daughter here, and John Leslie scores with both of them, while Sharon, in a dream sequence, spreads for daddy Jamie Gillis.

Two "Aunt Peg" films are on the roster: Aunt Peg and Aunt Peg's Fulfillment, both featuring Juliet Anderson in the role she made famous, as a high-powered Hollywood agent who screws her way through studio producers and the talent pool alike.

Other Anderson pix on the list include Bad Company, which also featured Dorothy Lemay, and Coffee, Tea or Me, which also featured Ashley Welles, Erica Boyer, Tara Aire and Janey Robbins.

Speaking of Jim Holliday, several of his own directorial efforts are here: Sorority Pink 1 & 2, with a (literal) all-star cast of ladies that include Britt Morgan, Megan Leigh, Jeanna Fine and Keisha, and three compilations for which Holliday also provided inter-scene commentary, Only The Best 1-3.

Several all-time classics are here, including Anthony Spinelli's Nothing To Hide, with Misty Regan, Holly McCall, Erica Boyer and Pat Manning; Easy, another Spinelli favorite, starring Jessie St. James, Georgina Spelvin, Desiree Cousteau and Laurien Dominique; and Stormy, with Cris Cassidy, Linda Wong and Angel Ducharme amid clips from Swedish Erotica loops.

Eruption is one of John Holmes' better films, a send-up of the noir classic Double Indemnity, with Holmes picking up Leslie Bovee on a Hawaiian beach and being enlisted in a plot to murder her millionaire husband.

Also on the list is the long-out-of-circulation Garage Girls, a Robert McCallum tent-raiser featuring an auto repair business run by the likes of Cris Cassidy, Brooke West, Lisa DeLeeuw and Susan Nero, with additional body work courtesy of Dorothy Lemay and the little-seen Lisa K. Loring.

Fans of early Hispanic star Angel will love Debbie Does Em All 1, that features the Latina in four of its seven sex scenes, as well as Lilly Marlene, Lynx Canon and Shanna McCullough. Debbie's two sequels are here as well, the second featuring Fallon, an early squirter, and Samantha Strong, and the third with Alex Storm, Barbara Dare and Carol Cummings.

Many folks may not have seen 1986's Down and Dirty In Beverly Hills, since we understand it was pulled from the market after having been sued by Touchstone Films, which had released Down and Out In Beverly Hills earlier that same year. Now, adults can re-enjoy performances by Colleen Brennan, Summer Rose and Porsche Lynn.

Famous director Alex deRenzy makes the cut with three movies: Ball Busters, with Ginger Lynn, Joanna Storm, Kelly Nichols, Jacqueline Lorains and a relative newcomer, Nina Hartley, whose scene with John Leslie won 1986's XRCO award; Wild Things 1, featuring Ali Moore, Christy Canyon, Kimberly Carson ... and someone who probably won't appear on the released disk, Traci Lords; and Wild Things 2, with Amber Lynn, Nikki Charm, Joanna Storm and Shanna McCullough.

Other films that will be missing their Lords footage are More Than A Handful, with Cyndee Summers and Honey Wilder; and Suzie Superstar 2, with Ginger Lynn, Laurie Smith and Sheri St. Clair. (Suzie Superstar 1, with Shauna Grant, Sharon Mitchell and Mai Lin, and 3, with Aja and Barbara Dare, will also be released).

For a complete list of NuTech titles available through VCX, go to VCX's NuTech Digital listing.