VCX Brings Adult Classics to DivX

LAS VEGAS - VCX is re-encoding its library of adult classics to make the content available to Mac and PC users via the DivX download-to-own software.

Company president David Sutton told AVN that he expects to have the entire VCX library available for download-to-own by the end of August.

"We had previously just offered about 90 titles on the DivX platform, but they were becoming less popular over the years," Sutton explained. "DivX recently announced the DivX Download to Own option, which is available not only to PC users, but, for the first time, MAC users as well."

The VCX website now hosts 97 titles for DivX download, including the original Debbie Does Dallas, the Fred Lincoln/Jean Jennings classic Defiance, and actor Vincent Gallo's favorite porn movie, 800 Fantasy Lane.

"I think this is great news for the customer," Sutton said. "Once they download the title, they can play it at their convenience forever, just as if they have a DVD in their player. Mac users have not been served well in the past by streaming companies, since the standard Windows Media Players using DRM [Digital Rights Management] are not supported by the Mac. DivX now has a new player that can be downloaded by Mac users that works with their proprietary DRM."

To view the VCX catalog online, visit