VCX Appoints John Mosko as Head of Marketing

Classic adult label VCX (Debbie Does Dallas, The Devil in Miss Jones) has signed John Mosko as its new head of marketing. Mosko, who previously held an executive position at a Southern California adult apparel firm, replaces the recently-fired Chuck Greene.

Given Mosko's background in software, B2B web development and product sales, VCX President David Sutton is "extremely confident in John's abilities. His level of professionalism is a breath of fresh air. I will be able to concentrate more effectively on new production and piracy issues. John will handle all product sales in the future. We're in good hands."

"VCX has an excellent reputation for customer service," said Mosko. "My goal is to not only continue that reputation but to establish a new level of service unparalleled in the industry. Our incredible library of the finest in classic adult DVDs has a built-in following, and I intend to leverage that interest into the next technological advance in product delivery. Blu-Ray and HD DVD are interesting concepts which may or may not end up being the 'next big thing'. Electronic content delivery, by every means and to every platform is becoming a component of greater importance as the bandwidth barriers disappear, and I will increase our presence in that area as well."

For information on the complete VCX film library, please contact John Mosko at (800) 350-1931 or e-mail [email protected]