VCA Introduces Gold Classics Line

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - VCA Pictures has gone back to the vaults to reissue some of its best catalog titles for the first time on DVD. The new VCA Gold Classics line debuts today with a digitally remastered edition of Greg Dark's Between the Cheeks 2.

The new series was launched at the suggestion of Hustler founder Larry Flynt, who acquired the VCA library in 2003. Hustler Video's creative director Drew Rosenfeld supervised the selection of titles for the initial Gold Classics rollout, based on customer requests for popular VCA movies not available on disc.

"We've gone through the list of titles that were never released on DVD before, and we've redesigned the box covers to give them a more contemporary, updated look," Rosenfeld told AVN. "I took David Diamond's advice on which titles to go forward with because he gets requests where we have to say, 'Sorry, it's not on DVD.' So I used his list for the first batch; in some cases, it turned out that we didn't have the proper contracts, so I went back and made a second list. All of these movies were best-sellers on VHS, and there's still a good market for them with fans."

VCA will follow Between the Cheeks 2 with Sean Michaels' Dinner Party at Six, Henri Pachard's Deep Seven, the bisexual video UninhiBIted and Between the Cheeks 3.

"We're testing out the series by releasing one a week for the next month with a nice price break, because it's older content," Rosenfeld said. "We don't need to sell a lot of these to be successful, so if it goes well, we'll continue to release more of them."

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