Vanessa Lane Smokes ‘Doctor 90210’ on E!

Smokin’ newbie Vanessa Lane is featured on an upcoming episode of E!’s “Doctor 90210” cosmetic surgery reality show.

Lane told she believes the episode, shot several months ago, will air this upcoming Monday (May 2) at the show’s regularly scheduled 10 p.m. slot.

The 21-year-old beauty said she will be seen going off on Dr. Robert Rey when he informs her that he's not going to make over her already enhanced chest because she's a — gasp — smoker.

“It’s just basically me yelling at the doctor for half an hour,” the diminutive brunette said, laughing. “I quit smoking for four weeks like he told me to. And then three days before the surgery, he cancelled it, even though I had quit.

“The whole things is like a porn star who won’t take no for an answer,” but ultimately had to.

Lane said Rey asked her to tape the show after she went to him for a consultation about her breasts. “They’re too fake looking, and I wanted them more real,” she said. That objective is now off the table, at least in the short term, Lane said, noting, “I’m too lazy. It’s too much work.”

“And I’m a pole dancer,” she added, “so I have a big pole in my house, and I’m totally into playing on it. And if I got my breasts done, I wouldn’t be able to play on it for like six months.”

Hey, everyone has their priorities.

Since entering the industry last year, Lane has churned out 40-plus titles, including Mayhem’s Dementia, Red Light District’s Fresh New Faces 5, Lethal Hardcore’s Pussy Farts and Devil’s Films Throat Bangers 5, and is all but a shoo-in for a Best New Starlet nomination come November.

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