Vampire Warrior Invades Adult Expo

LAS VEGAS – David Heath, or as he's also known, Gangrel or the Vampire Warrior, is a former WWE wrestler who's now aligned himself with Craig Valentine and Summer Haze's porn/wrestling collective New Porn Order. Armed with a colorful character and a set of nicely-made, suitable-for-Hammer Films vampire choppers is making his transition from the canvas to the run-and-gun world of hardcore porn.

Heath's history is a long one, although more heavily freighted on the wrestling side of things at the moment. It's a move Heath is eager to make. "I was wrestling for 21 years and about five months ago, I met up with Craig and Summer and their New Porn Order," said Heath. "They asked me if I'd be interested in directing porn, and I was like, 'Sure!'"

If there's a lesson Heath's learned in his brief porn sojourn, it's nothing is as simple as it looks. "So far, I've only directed one scene in Miami Rump Shakers 2, and I found out it wasn't as easy as people might think" he laughed.
Heath and Valentine have also launched a new porn/wrestling idea called Not-Rated Professional Wrestling or NRPW. It will, as you might guess, combine porn and professional wrestling.

"It's taking off," said Heath. "We've got Evan Stone and Lee Stone doing stuff with us. Female champ Tyler Faith is with us. And Mary Carey is our commissioner. We'll be doing a show every month."

As of this moment, the shows aren't available, but fans of porn and wrestling need not despair. Heath is prepared to offer a taste of what's to come. "The trailer can be seen on right now," he said. Just search under Not-Rated Professional Wrestling or NRPW.