Valentine’s Day, Hustler Hollywood Ohio-style

People may get their kicks on Route 66, but Exit 29 on I-75 in Ohio was really hoppin’ for Hustler Hollywood Ohio during Valentine’s Day weekend.

People in Monroe spent Valentine’s Day weekend trying to get lucky by purchasing sex gifts, clothing, novelties, magazines, videos, and DVDs in lieu of more traditional flowers and candy. Most of the customers present were couples, and at times more than 50 people stood in each of the two lines to the cash register

Also present were Gina Lynn and Trinity, who entertained the crowd with their presence as they did topless Polaroids and autographs.

“This morning I had the girls do a radio spot on The Dawn Patrol. Then around noon they did a signing at the Hustler store in downtown Cincinnati. It was packed. It was phenomenal. They (customers) were spending a lot,” Dustin Flynt, the host of the event, told “We get a lot of public support in Cincinnati because they know the battles that we have fought to be there. This whole scene of Valentine’s day and the sexuality…”

Flynt revealed that in July, Hustler would be having a big event to celebrate their thirtieth anniversary that will coincide with the announcement of Hustler Video’s first contract performer.

Finalists from the nationwide search will be flown out to Los Angeles in July for a final contest and announcement of the winner.

“What I plan to do here in Cincinnati is like an ‘American Porn Idol’ so that the general public can relate to the contract aspect,” Flynt said. “If you don’t know the adult business or aren’t a consumer you can really be confused as to what a contract girl is. If you put a label on it, it is easier to see what it is. To get your next Jenna Jameson…”