Utah 'Sex Tax' Passes Blushing House

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, the Utah House of Representatives behaved like primary school students headed for their first sex ed class, blushing and giggling as they approved a 10 percent tax on nude dancing and escort services last Friday.

The new tax is expected to provide the state with an estimated $500,000 the first year and $1 million annually.

"We're not saying we want to shut these businesses down," said sponsoring Rep. Duane Bourdeaux, D-Salt Lake City. "We're saying we want them to pay for" costs associated with treating sex offenders.

Most of the money would go for treatment programs for convicted sex offenders, although some will be reserved for the Attorney General's Office to investigate child pornography– perhaps even to bring back the “porn czar” that was let go last year because the State could no longer afford to keep her.

The bill passed 51-16, with those voting againt the bill suggesting the new tax would likely be challenged in court.

"I do personally believe we're overstepping First Amendment rights," said Rep. Dave Ure. "I think it will come back to haunt us and it will cost us some money."