URentDVDs Raises Payouts, Increases Membership Options

URentDVDs has increased webmaster payouts to a 25-percent revshare and has added a free trial option for new subscribers.

Affiliates that promote URentDVDs’ per-sign-up program will earn $25 for each free-trial join, and there are no deductions for membership cancellations.

URentDVDs also offers new members an expanded selection of membership options. Members can choose from a free trial membership of three DVDs at a time for $19.99 monthly, four DVDs at a time for $24.99 per month, six DVDs at a time for $29.99, or eight DVDs at a time for $39.99 per month. Affiliates earn $25, $30, $35, and $45, respectively.

URentDVDs is a CECash site.