UPDATED: Performer Deshaun Hayes Passes

LEXINGTON, Kentucky—AVN has just been informed that performer Deshaun Hayes passed away on March 7 due to complications of liver disease. He was 37 years old.

Hayes made his adult industry debut in 2005, and over the course of his XXX career, which lasted about eight years though his participation decreased sharply after 2010, made nearly 80 movies with such companies as Kick Ass Pictures—he appeared in several volumes of their 10 Man Cum Slam series—and Shooting Star Video, where he not only appeared in multiple volumes of Forty Plus Video Magazine, he also directed Volumes 61 and 64 of the series.

Hayes does not appear to have essayed any character roles, but if there was a gangbang/orgy-type series being produced during his time in the industry, chances are good that he appeared in at least one volume of it.

Hayes was well-liked in his private life, and his Facebook page under his real name indicates that he was born in Chicago and lived for a time in Las Vegas, though he resided for quite a while in Lexington, to which he recently moved back in order to be closer to friends as his medical condition worsened.

"He was my friend, business partner, and roommate for almost 5 years," noted his housemate D.Wise. "He ran the few Clips 4 sale stores we had: BlowJob Queens, Pussyfootin, and AllHands On.

"We had a few deals shooting interracial MILF content for a few companies like Shooting Star, Sensational Video, Gentlemen's Video, Notorious XXX," Wise continued. "He and I lived in Las Vegas in a four bedroom house. We'd shoot everything there. We'd switch from talent to cameraman. This made it easy for us to not really have to leave the house for weeks at a time. Whenever we were gonna shoot someone from out of town, I'd send them a few extra dollars and a grocery list to bring on shoot day.

"He was the kind of guy who kept to himself. Many times I'd come home and think he was out cause he was so quiet and relaxed. He didn't like loud music and noise.

"He'd start the day with a bowl of cereal, usually one of the supposed real healthy ones, that I never touched cause they had no flavor. Then he'd get in a good workout or several laps in our pool. He was the perfect roommate. Very clean, and cooked very well also. I think without him, I would have starved or gotten very fat and gone broke from take out food, 'cause I can't cook to save my life.

"He was also good about women coming over. If I was asleep and he was giving her the business, he'd provide her an extra pillow to muffle her screams...

"Overall, I'd say he was a great friend. Since the day we met, the only thing we ever disagreed on was whose turn it was to drive to LA. He always held us down with our computer stuff; our Naked.com cam show schedule; which girl got us the most hits. And he for whatever reason kept in contact with all the Vegas club promoters. At first I felt that was a waste 'cause we hardly ever went. But sure enough, any time one of my friends came from New York or LA, he had a place for us to go with VIP treatment. Although I will say, I swam deep in the porn star celebrity treatment we got at those clubs; he just rolled as if nobody was watching—always so cool and collected while I'm bouncing off the walls with anything that wanted to dance. He'd just be so relaxed. I wouldn't even see him talk to a girl. But sure enough she'd be in the car with us going home. Or I'd see her at the breakfast table the next morning/afternoon depending what time we got up... But going back to him being a good friend, we spent many nights at home watching movies and the news. He always seemed to have a good perspective on what would be 'HOT' next, on the news or upcoming movies. That always seemed to interest me, how he'd sum up the reasons why those things stayed in the media.

"I miss my friend."

Others who knew Hayes also had comments.

"I met Deshaun when living in L.A. and we hit it off instantly since we both were from Kentucky and UK basketball fans," said adult star Wendy Williams. "He was a cool guy who loved cars and DJ'ing. I was sadden to hear he lost his battle."

"I met Deshaun a number of years ago," said long-time friend Rico Shades. "He was a very nice guy that always kept to himself. Deshaun was an avid fitness guy who didn't do drugs, smoke or anything else. However, when his health failed him, things turned for the worse—quickly. It's a sad tale no doubt, but I do find some solace in the fact that he's not struggling anymore."

His Lexington friends held a memorial service for Deshaun on March 14, and many of them, as well as others who had known him across the country, left comments on his page about their memories of him.