Up Close with Julia Ann

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Julia Ann, a native of Glendale, Calif., has appeared in over 150 movies in the past 16-plus years, toured the country as a top feature entertainer, and been a contract star with top adult companies such as Vivid Entertainment Group and Wicked Pictures.

The AVN Hall of Famer sat down with AVN to discuss her European trip earlier this year, her career and how being a porn star “has never been better.”  

AVN: What brought you to Budapest for the first time?

JA: I already had the booking to go to Finland so I decided to coordinate work around my Finland trip in order to go to Budapest to my friend, the Italian director and talent Denis Marti. So I thought I’ll shoot with him and then go to Finland and then come back and shoot with him some more.”

AVN: What was your impression of Hungary?

JA: It’s actually beautiful. The architecture is absolutely amazing, phenomenal. There is a fair amount of graffiti I didn’t expect though and that always upsets me. ... The parliament is to die for. I walked past it, it took me all of 10 minutes to walk past it because that’s how big it is. I was like just give me a corner. All I need is a corner. I can live there. It’s absolutely stunning.

AVN: What kind of scenes did you shoot in Budapest?

JA: I shot a scene for Denis Marti’s site, DreamJugs.com and DreamHonies.com. Yes I know I’ve been compartmentalized once again, Dreamjugs.com, whew! It was a really nice scene actually. He went online with me and showed me some of the performers they shoot so I performed with a French gentleman named Greg Centauro. He was wonderful. Then I actually trapped Denis Marti in my apartment and had him shoot a scene with me for my website and which I also told him he could use for his website.

Julia Ann also shot an anal three-way with Omar Galanti and Marco Nero for an Italian director who had cast an Italian celebrity in his second adult film.

JA: Originally I thought he was the person I was going to be working with but it changed. It changes very quickly in Europe. You show up thinking I’m working with this person, and it’s like ‘no, you’re not, you’re working with those four people.’ Oh OK! ... It gave me a new perspective to just roll with it and I knew that going out there. Denis Marti had told me they shoot different. They’re not quite as organized, it’s not what you’re used to so you kind of roll it. So everything that changed on me I was like OK, I can roll with that attitude, which is nice. I like it now. 

AVN: Did they recognize you in Budapest?

JA:  Oh yeah. They were like, ‘I was watching you back in…’ And I would say, ‘You don’t need to go there, I’m flattered enough.’ It wasn’t so much that, as it was more wrapped up in, an American porn actress is here. We’re very used to the European actresses coming here. But they’re not as used to the American actresses going there. So you go there, sideshow is so not right but it’s close enough.

It’s like, ‘Oh my God, the American porn star is here and you’re getting ready to do your scene and you have 10 people lined up who have nothing to do with what you’re doing. ‘So now let’s see what the American porn actress is going to do. They’re all staring at me. They are very interested in seeing the difference. And there is a difference. There is definitely a difference between the female performers here and the female  performers there, as well as the male performers. Our sexual feel, our idea of sex, our idea of sex on film. It’s different.

AVN: What was your reception like in Finland?
JA:  Not only did Lisa Ann and I dance together but we also danced separately. So we did so much other than the together shows. When she was on stage I would run out on stage with my camera and take pictures of her perspective of the crowd. The next morning we woke up in the hotel and this trolly bus goes by and her and my faces are plastered against it. And I was like, ‘We’re not ready for this. This is too much.’... And there’s not one trolly, there’s like 20 trollies and they’re on every trolly! So at any given time you’re going by. It was completely intense.

AVN: What else have you been up to?

JA: ... I’m in Big Wet Asses with Manuel [Ferrara]. It was an excellent scene, so excellent that somehow I left with a cut on my lip and a bruise up to here and I’m not sure how that happened. I don’t even know, it doesn’t make sense. But I walked away from that with some aches and pains. It’s like going to the gym. Afterwards you gotta to be sore. There’s got to be some things happening. The first anal scene I did on film was with Manuel and it was for Wicked’s Julia Ann Hardcore.

AVN: What do you think of your career overall now with everything you have going on?

JA: It’s never been better, but so on a different level because I’m now working with all these people that in my entire career I never really had a chance to meet because I always stayed under my little roof, in my bubble or whatever it is. I’m out there. I’m traveling.

And it’s another thing Lisa and I were talking about when we were in Finland was like how blessed are we that we have immersed ourselves into an industry where we can take up and just go somewhere and they take care of us and it’s beautiful. It’s our job. It’s very intense. And the older I get. ... Because when you’re younger, and I mean no disrespect to the younger girls. Obviously, I’ve been that age.

But my experience at that age is you’re so busy kind of wrapped up into things that are important to you at that age that you miss the big stuff that’s happening right then to you because you’re focusing on some other things that are happening that are important to you at that time. Like the relationship you might be in or what your girlfriend is doing. You’re still figuring out who you are. And you get older and all of a sudden it’s like, ‘Oh my God, great stuff is happening.’ And you live more in the moment and you learn to live more in the moment. And you respect it more. You see the opportunities and you can make the most of them.

 ... My sexuality is higher. My limitations have been lifted. The people I’m working with are different. Their style is different. It’s much different. They’re off the cuff. They’re just doing their scenes and there’s not a lot of boundaries. So it’s amazing. It’s excellent. 

Julia Ann is represented by A-List Talent (alisttalentmanagement.com).