UnWired Brings Erotic Games, Product Placement to PSP

Mobile content and delivery specialist UnWired is developing a series of downloadable erotic games for Sony’s PlayStation Portable. The products will feature adult stars, and the company hopes to delve further into adult product placement vehicles in the future.

The games are not licensed by Sony but take advantage of the open-source features in the PSP by playing through the device’s browser. UnWired’s releases will include a line of casino and arcade games and a line of erotic hentai games.

The company expects to release five casino and arcade titles per month, the first two being Devon Black Jack in Hell and Memories of Briana, featuring Briana Banks. The first hentai game, Jo & The 7 Babes, will be followed by new titles each month.

Although not graphically on par with the games Sony licenses for the platform, UnWired’s games are nonetheless intriguing. What’s more interesting is that the games will allow for adult companies to place their brands within the games’ storylines.

“These games will be innovative in the sense that if the gamer plays online using the Wi-Fi capability of the machine, he will be able to see advertising on billboards, clips on a TV screen, read magazine articles, and see a different logo on a character’s T-shirt throughout the game,” says UnWired director David Penava. “He can automatically get directed into any predefined website through the game. These parts will be dynamically updated in the game itself while the user is playing.”

Further, UnWired plans to allow users to send personalized porn-themed multimedia greetings via the PSP to mobile phones while still playing the games.

“We’re talking technology convergence and viral marketing here,” Penava says.

Although Sony has been mum about adult content, the company doesn’t appear to be against it. After negotiating with the tech giant for two months, Bouncy Pictures announced earlier this month that it will ship the first uncensored movie on Sony’s proprietary Universal Media Disc format on Dec. 15.

“We can assume that anything that helps to sell a portable device ? and we know that sex sells ? will look good to Sony even if they don't want to endorse it officially,” Penava says.

Images of the upcoming Jo & The 7 Babes are available here.