Ultima DVD Owner Offers Reward for Capture of Alleged Killer

VAN NUYS, Calif. – The owner of Ultima DVD is offering a $2,000 cash reward to anyone who can supply the police with information that leads to the capture of Stephen Hill, aka Steve Driver. Hill is wanted in connection to the murder of fellow performer Tom Dong in an incident that also seriously wounded two others.

“The purpose behind the reward is to provide some incentive to give the police any information they might have to point them in the right direction,” Ultima DVD owner Eric Jover told AVN. “If you have any useful information at all, please come forward. It’s possible that someone in the industry could be hiding him. Let’s bring him to justice now.”

When reached by AVN this afternoon the Los Angeles Police Department said that it had no new information related to the case and that the whereabouts of Hill were unknown.

Hill went on a rampage at the Ultima DVD office Tuesday night after being informed that he was being evicted from living in the facility and was being fired from his job. Dong, a close friend of Hill’s died from stab wounds after Hill allegedly stabbed him three times with a machete that happened to be in the office.

Jover posted a message on the company’s site about his relationship with the deceased and the reward he’s offering for information that leads to Hill’s apprehension.

“I first met Tom Dong on my first shoot three years ago, and since then he has been learning and growing every step of the way,” Jover wrote. “He possessed a myriad of technical and practical skills that impressed and inspired my staff every day.  Tom Dong was a cinematographer and actor of Ballbusting Pornstars, blogger, editor and webmaster of Armpit Girls, and he was also our best friend.  We are very saddened by his sudden and unfortunate passing, but we are also celebrating all of his rich contributions to our lives and business.

“Tom's heroism a few days ago enabled us to escape with our lives, and his sacrifice will not go unheard. He will be remembered in the industry as an actor and technical ‘go-to’ guy who was a valuable resource and friend to all. We thank everyone who has reached out to us via phone, Twitter, text-message and carrier pigeon to express their sympathy and condolences.  We value all of our friends, fans, vendors and business partners, and we hope that all your families stay safe and sound.”

Police caution that Hill might be armed and dangerous. Hill’s MySpace page was littered with photos of him posing with swords and firearms.

According to reports Hill fled the scene in a Toyota RAV4 with license plate 5YTC423.