U. of Florida Law Journal Profiles Kick Ass Pictures' Mark Kulkis

The latest issue of the University of Florida Entertainment Law Review features an exhaustive, 66-page article on Kick Ass Pictures president Mark Kulkis.

Entitled "Free Expression, Pornography & the Mainstreaming of Adult Entertainment: Mark Kulkis and the New Voice of the Adult Video Industry," the article was written by two Penn State Law School professors, Clay Calvert and Robert Richards.

The authors preface their work with the following statement: "Some might contend that providing space in a law journal to the views of a pornographer on legal issues somehow is not scholarly. But to the extent that much space has been devoted in law journals to the viewpoints of scholars like Catharine MacKinnon who attack and criticize sexually explicit content, it would be the height of viewpoint-based censorship to not allow the views of a man like Mark Kulkis who actually works and practices in the business and who confronts firsthand, on a daily basis, issues of free speech and censorship."

The heavily-researched and annotated article characterizes Kulkis as "politically astute and strategically savvy," detailing his role in masterminding Mary Carey's gubernatorial campaign, his later attendance at a Republican fundraiser with Carey, and other successful PR stunts. "Kulkis, who launched [Larry] Flynt's video division, now is the face of a new generation of adult film entrepreneurs in the age of Web porn," the article notes. "Just as Flynt has a genius for self-promotion, so too does Kulkis."

The body of the article features an interview with Kulkis touching on First Amendment issues that affect the adult entertainment industry.

The authors conclude: "[Kulkis's] public relations acumen and entrepreneurial spirit has helped him launch a successful business. He is the face and voice of a new generation of adult producers, learning how to use the media to advance his business and, in the process, helping to mainstream adult entertainment. Without question, future directions in law, politics and culture will flow from the mainstreaming of pornography, and Kulkis promises to be a catalyst for bringing many of those changes to fruition."

The University of Florida has been consistently ranked as one of the nation's top law schools by U.S. News & World Report. The full article can be found at: http://www.entlaw.org/articles.shtml.

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