U.K.'s AITA to Shutter March 31

LONDON—The Adult Industry Trade Association (AITA) in the U.K. has decided to close its doors effective March 31 because of declining membership and revenue. AITA supports businesses, services and individuals in the adult industry within the U.K. much like the Free Speech Coalition (FSC) does in the U.S. 

AITA's closure was hastened by a study it commissioned, the State of the Industry Survey by Love Bytes Research, to gauge the needs of AITA members and the U.K. adult industry. The key survey areas included attitudes about the adult industry, health issues for performers and the awareness and role of AITA.

AITA states that the study was conducted because of declining membership numbers over the past three years "and we needed to have a clearer picture of what members and the industry at large want from a trade association so that we could if possible reverse the membership trend."

With only 32 percent of survey respondents feeling that AITA is an effective voice for the industry, along with the declining revenues, the organization reported that only an infusion of cash could keep it going. 

"Due to the lack of ongoing support for AITA from the general U.K. adult industry, and after much deliberation, the Committee believes that it is no longer tenable for AITA to continue after the end of the membership year (March 31) and all Committee members will resign on that date and the company closed down." 

AITA reports that the organization has been running at a loss for at least the past three years.