Tyler Faith Discusses Split with JKP

Adult film star Tyler Faith told AVN.com that her recent departure from Jill Kelly Productions came down to a desire to want to try something new.

Faith had been signed to an exclusive contract for almost three years when she came to the decision last week. She said she remains best of friends with Jill Kelly, who is also her roommate.

“I’m just leaving because I feel like I hit a plateau in the company,” she said. “The mutual sides felt that we can’t do anything more for each other. I love JKP. I’m still going to shoot for them, and sign for them. I love Jill. She’s still my best friend.”

Faith continued, “I’ve only been under contract. I’ve never experienced anything else. I want to shoot a couple of my own movies and just work for other people.”

Prior to her JKP contract, Faith was briefly signed with Pleasure Productions, shooting only four videos, all of which were girl/girl scenes. Faith estimates that she has performed in over 100 scenes for JKP during the past three years.

“I’d just like to experience more,” she said. “I’ve never even been on another set.

“Everybody’s trying to make a scandal out of it. There is no scandal. We never take our work home. We never talk about work at home. Above and beyond everything, my relationship with {Jill} is more important.”

Faith also reiterated what she said on Wankus’ KSEX radio show, that she is “not pregnant, not getting married, and not retiring.”

She said that she would like to be involved in scenes in which the action is more spontaneous.

“It’s so much hotter when director just lets the actors have sex and the cameraman follows them,” Faith said. “It’s hotter when it’s more real, when it’s not planned to do this first, then this. It should be a natural progression.”

In the meantime, Faith continues to feature dance, and her next show is April 7-9 at the Spearmint Rhino in downtown LA. She also hosts a KSEX show called “Contract Superstars” from 5-6 p.m. on the fourth Wednesday of every month.

Faith said she enjoys writing scripts and would be interested in doing more. She wrote A Fist Full of Musketeer, a video that Cash Markman directed which came out earlier this year through JKP. She also assisted Kelly in directing Love and Porn.

“I love doing new things, I love the industry, and I have a great teacher in Jill,” she said.