Tyla Wynn, Mother Appear On MTV's 'Date My Mom'

Porn star Tyla Wynn and her mother recently appeared as contestants on the MTV dating show, "Date My Mom." On the show, a bachelor takes the mothers of three girls out on dates without ever meeting any of their daughters and the man decides which girl he’d like to date based on how things with the mothers go.

As “Nancy” on the show, Wynn along with another contestant gets passed over in favor of the daughter of a retired police officer with the bachelor making a comment about how he bets Wynn “likes to get naked a lot!”

“It was fun and interesting,” Wynn told AVN.com of the show, which was shot before her porn career began. “My mom actually made out with the dude and they shared a churro. ... It was a lot of fun and I had fun with it. I know my mom did for sure. She can’t act, though, at all!”

MTV Networks’ West Coast press offices did not respond to requests for comment on Wynn’s appearance at press time.

Photo by L.A. Direct Models.