Two New DVDs Arrive From

CANOGA PARK, Calif.—AVN Award-winning content provider has released two new DVD titles domestically this week: Girls Feeling Girls and the latest installment in its solo Intimate Moments series, Personal Desires.

Both DVDs feature young ladies who are new to the business, free of cosmetic surgery and wear no make-up. As the studio puts it, the talent it chooses comes in “all natural flavors.”

In Girls Feeling Girls, Chloe B., Dahlia, Dana B. and Tamra explore their desires for other girls with no fake positions, no script, just unadulterated sex with real passion and real orgasms.

Personal Desires explores the same aesthetic in a masturabation context. Nine models (Brooklyn, Darcie, Evalina, Gina J., Jena J., Lewa, Samantha Jane, Sofia M. and Zoey) star in scenes of solo pleasure with no camera operator and no director.

Both DVDs are distributed domestically by Wicked Pictures.