TV Show Host Colin Malone is Big in Finland

Finnish cable television channel MoonTV has picked up the rights to run Colin Malone's Colin After Dark in a deal that covers all the major cities in Finland. MoonTV reaches over a million and a half viewers in Finland.

Colin has been shown on MoonTV for over 4 weeks, with two new episodes per week plus reruns. The show is subtitled in Finnish. Colin can be seen Late Night. "We have plans to keep the show on our channel at least to the end of year 2003," says Vera Olsson, Programme director for MoonTV.

Aimed at young urban viewers and trendsetters, MoonTV is the number one tv-channel in introducing new and fresh program concepts as well as a whole new style of making tv. Based on free-of-charge distribution the majority of MoonTV's viewer base is in the age group between 15 and 34 years of age. The channel offers a wide variety of music, game, movie, lifestyle, and sports programs.