Tristan Taormino To Launch 'Vivid Ed' Line

Tristan Taormino, purveyor of her own unique brand of edgy/alt/instructional porn, is excited about the upcoming launch of her new imprint, Vivid-Ed, which will be producing a series of educational sex videos titled The Expert's Guide To...

Asked to explain the impetus for the new series, Taormino said, “Obviously, I think the instructional genre needs some updating. I’m ready to take the genre and run with it, and take it into the future.”

Those who cringe at the thought of stodgy sex-ed material obviously aren’t familiar with Taormino’s work. As she said, “It’s going to be new and fresh and fun and smart and hip, but it’s also going to be different. And it’s going to be different in a couple of ways. First, when we do a topic, we’re going to stay on that topic and not go into standard missionary sex. I’m giving really explicit, specific techniques. You’re not going to have some vague voice-over. We’re going to get in close and really show you how to do this stuff.”

Besides a fresh take on the instructional genre, Taormino utilized convenient aspects of the basic DVD format. As she explained, “You’ll be able to watch each scene two ways: with instruction or without. With instruction means you’ll get up close and in there and freeze-frames and graphics like on VH1’s old 'Pop-Up Video' series. When you watch without instruction, it will be the same scene, but it will be cut differently. It’ll look more like a sex scene. It will be like two movies in one…and both will be sexy and fun.”

Taormino emphasized that casting will also be an important element for her new line. “There won't be any big-name stars or fake boobs," she said. "These are performers I feel are smart—because they actually have to talk—and they won’t intimidate the women at home. They’re incredible and sexy but they don’t have an over-the-top porno look.”

Asked when the new Vivid-Ed titles will debut, Taormino said, “The first one will be coming out in late March…but I don’t have an actual release date yet. But look for them by name. The first one will be The Experts’ Guide to Anal Sex. There’s no limit to the topics we can cover or the places we can go with this.”

Photo of Taormino by GP.