Tristan Taormino Brings 'Rough Sex' to Vivid

LOS ANGELES - Vivid Entertainment contract director Tristan Taormino has announced plans for a new reality series called Rough Sex to be helmed exclusively by women.

Taormino is set to direct the first installment of the series and will also produce a companion title for her Vivid-Ed label, Penny Flame's Expert Guide to Rough Sex.

"We think that both men and women will be very receptive to films that depict rough sex from a woman's point of view," said Taormino. "I want to showcase the complexities of fantasies where people explore their limits and play on the edge."

While a similar title from the notorious Khan Tusion caused an uproar in the industry, Taormino is taking a different approach to the controversial subject matter. 

"The problem isn't with the depiction of hardcore sex itself," she said. "It's about sex that is seen as one-sided, degrading and hostile. Many women love rough sex and these films will give us a chance to present their desires from their perspective."

Taormino's scenes will engage the performers extensively in choreographing the action, and they will all be interviewed on camera about why they like rough sex and how they establish trust and set boundaries with their partners. Flame's instructional video will explore such topics as dominant/submissive role play, spanking, slapping, hair-pulling and choking.

Both directors plan to hold an open casting call for both projects, details of which will be released next month.

"We are looking for smart, articulate performers who truly enjoy rough sex," said Flame. "Not only do we want people who are passionate about it, but we want them to be able to speak honestly and thoughtfully about why they do it and what they get out of it."

Added Taormino, "Rough sex can be psychologically charged and really nasty, but it can also be consensual and deeply intimate. I think people will see a sensually charged difference with a woman behind the camera."