Trina Michaels To Renew Wedding Vows At SexZ Pictures Booth

LAS VEGAS – Usually it’s a straight up drag and fantasy killer when a porn girl announces she’s married. In Trina Michaels’ case, it’s not. For two very good reasons.

Michaels, in a show of true love ways and porn fidelity, will be renewing her wedding vows on the AEE show floor tomorrow at the SexZ Pictures booth where Michaels is signing.

Asked about her motivations, Michaels answered, “We just decided it would be fun. When we first got married, it was just at the San Francisco courthouse with our parents and our families. We have a lot of friends in the business, so we thought doing this would be kind of cool and kind of fun.”

Michaels is inviting all attendees to show up and lend their support. “It’ll be tomorrow right here at the SexZ Pictures’ booth at 1:00,” said Michaels. “Everyone’s invited. It’s going to be fun.”

And, of course, how can one perform a wedding without a justice of the peace? Michaels has that covered too. “I’ve actually asked [SexZ Pictures’ director] Eli Cross to perform the ceremony. He’s a really good friend.”

And as bluesman Robert Johnson once sang, “When you got a good friend…”