Trina Michaels to Appear on MTV

LOS ANGELES - Porn star Trina Michaels taped an episode last weekend of an as-yet-undisclosed MTV dating show that had her vying for the affections of another girl.

"It was me and another girl competing for the main person," Michaels told AVN. "I'm supposed to get a call when it actually airs; whether they do that or not, we'll see." She was contractually obligated, she said, not to reveal the name of the show until that time.

Meanwhile, Michaels reported, she was extremely satisfied with how things went on her first directing gig, Dick Hunters for Sin City.

"I had a great time," she said. "I think it's gonna come out really good. We had some really cute pick-ups and some really hot sex. So I'm very excited for it. And I already have -- I'm not saying 'if,' I'm saying when -- when I do my second one, I already have a couple of scenarios that I thought of over the weekend. But they started editing this week on the one that I just shot, so hopefully all goes well with it."

Michaels' other big news of the moment is that she's changed representation to Adam "Seymore Butts" Glasser's LightHouse Talent Agency.

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