Trina Michaels Directs for Mayhem

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Performer Trina Michaels turns director this weekend with Dick Hunters, a two-day wonder for Sin City's gonzo label Mayhem.

Michaels co-stars in Dick Hunters with Eve Laurence, Austin Kincaid, Sofia and Brandy Edwards. Reviving Jamie Gillis' old On the Prowl scenario, Michaels and company will be trolling for amateur male talent.

"I always see, like, civilian boys at the gym, and I'm like, 'Hmmm...good and corruptible little boys!'" Michaels told AVN.

Is it a worrisome prospect for her that brand-new guys might have difficulty on camera? "Well, that's always a concern," Michaels conceded. "Even the seasoned veterans have their bad days. But I'm pretty easy going, and I tried to pick a good group of girls that, if the guys are struggling, we can try to help them out."

Michaels said that people have been egging her on to direct for some time, but that she was hesitant until recently. "My opinion was, 'Eh, I don't know if I really want to do all that,'" she related, "and it just kind of grew on me more and more, and then about two months ago, I asked to sign with Scott [Justice, general manager Sin City], and we got the ball rolling.

"If everything goes smoothly, hopefully there'll be more [directing projects] down the road," she enthused.

No projected release date has yet been set for Dick Hunters but to keep apprised of it and other upcoming Mayhem/Sin City titles, go to