Triggering the Unconscious Power... And Then Removing Some Dude's Junk

SYDNEY – The Australian Associated Press has reported that a man accused of killing his ex-wife's boyfriend also removed the man's penis.

Dubbed "the penis killer" by the Aussie press, 57-year-old Gabor Ziha told a Sydney court that he was a man possessed during the commission of the crime. Ziha told a New South Wales court, "[It is] hard to describe that feeling, I was overcome by a power…something you cannot stop."

Ziha pleaded guilty to murdering Barry Corbett, 58, in August of 2006 in an apartment in Parramatta a suburb of Sydney.

Ziha also entered a plea of not guilty to a charge of maliciously wounding his ex-wife, Marija Corbett, during the attack.

Corbett told the court she awoke to hear her boyfriend crying, "Don't! Please don't do it." She then witnessed her former husband stab the boyfriend to death before Ziha attacked her.

After the attacks, police found Corbett's penis in a nightstand drawer on top of a magazine.

And that power Ziha described? Some people just call it jealousy.