TrackingSoft Announces Beta Launch of

TrackingSoft LLC has announced that the Beta launch of will take place Oct. 3, 2003. 

The staff at TrackingSoft feels that is going to fill a void in the adult community by offering a network that does not exclude adult sites the way mainstream networks do.  

“ develops third-party relationships with sponsors and Webmasters in order to adequately promote the sponsor and find quality content, products, and services for Webmasters,” Taboo Revenue sales and customer service representative Laurice Alford told 

“It provides the often missing element of trust for both parties,” she continued. “On the Webmaster side of things, issues like shaving, non-payment, and a need to find beefy Website materials without having to scourge the Net's 260 million porn sites demanded a central location for providing this service for Webmasters. 

“On the sponsor side of things, we believe that a qualified affiliate is worth his weight, so to speak. With Visa and MasterCard regulations making sponsors accountable for affiliates’ advertising, the need to find legitimate affiliates, get those affiliates paid, and have a specific advertising outlet with dependable tracking and reporting demanded providing this service for sponsors.” 

In addition to bringing Webmasters and sponsors together in one location, Taboo Revenue will also regularly be posting offers from adult businesses. They plan to list featured Webmasters and sponsors each week providing the opportunity for the top performers and the top paying programs to receive special recognition.

“Until now, there hasn't been a true adult affiliate network,” said public relations director Beth Belcher. “Now we are providing a convenient place to bring Webmasters, sponsors, and advertisers together.”

“The reason why we decided to create a true adult affiliate network is because of the lack of one,” said TrackingSoft CEO Craig Belcher. “In mainstream, affiliates as well as sponsors have a choice of which affiliate network they choose to use, but in the adult market there isn't even one choice. Most of the adult sponsors have so much to do, it is impossible to go the next step and start providing the many services that are needed to produce a true network. There is also a matter of trust. The affiliate is looking for a mediator in case something goes wrong. If there is an independent company that helps make sure the affiliates gets paid on time, then that is a big bonus for them.

“On the other side, we also make sure the sponsors are not cheated. It is something they both are looking for and it cannot be achieved if there isn't a network in place. We are also taking it one step further. [To reduce fraud], we will be qualifying both sponsors and affiliates who ask to join the network. It will help reduce chargebacks for the sponsors and in return the qualified affiliates may be able to receive a higher commission. That makes it a win-win situation for everyone.” 

“The reaction has been tremendous,” Belcher added. “The affiliates are wanting someone to be there for them in case problems arise. Whether it is an issue regarding payment or fear of shaving off commissions, they know that it will be extremely difficult for a sponsor to get away with that type of business conducting a network environment. Sponsors like the idea of the affiliates being pre-qualified and ripe for picking when they join the network.”