TotemCash Adds New Affiliate Tracking Options

This week TotemCash implemented upgrades to its stats management interface. The upgrades allow webmasters to gauge traffic behavior more precisely.

Along with total clicks, partners who send traffic to any TotemCash pay site now can track visits to disclaimer pages, home and tour pages, and join forms.

Measuring performance is equally improved forVirtuaGirl2, StripSaver2, and VirtuaGuy2 affiliates. Webmasters can tally the number of downloads and the number of home page and join page visits quickly.

“Knowledge is power,” says TotemCash owner Richard Excoffier. “The more data we can give to our partners the better. With this upgrade, affiliates will be able to make informed decisions. Marketing strategies will become sharper and more targeted, and in the end, everyone comes out a winner.”