Tory Lane on 'Loveline' Tonight

CHATSWORTH, Calif. Sin City contract player Tory Lane will be a guest tonight on the nationally syndicated radio program "Loveline," broadcasting from 10pm to midnight. Lane will join hosts Dr. Drew (Celebrity Rehab) and Stryker to offer relationship advice to the lovelorn while shamelessly promoting her directorial work for Sin City and her upcoming foray into the interactive market.

“I’m basically promoting myself –duh,” said Lane, who is up for multiple awards at this year’s Fans of Adult Media & Entertainment (F.A.M.E) show. “I’m gonna try to get on 'Celebrity Rehab.' I’m an alcoholic! I got a DUI two years ago, but I’m always willing to pick up new habits to make my bank statements get bigger.”

Lane was approached to do "Loveline" through her MySpace page by KROQ radio personality Stryker. “Stryker is apparently a big fan of mine,” noted Lane. When asked if tonight’s appearance on the show is merely a ploy by the Los Angeles DJ to ass-fuck her, Lane laughed, “Totally! He already has the whole night planned out! But, we’ll probably just go to a club afterwards because I’m bringing my publicist and personal assistant with me too.”

Lane also pointed out that she is involved with male performer Jordan Ash. “But, he’s in Vegas right now,” she quipped. “So, I’m like ‘you know what, babe, I gotta do what I gotta do. I’m taking one for the team, hon!’ No! I’m just gonna be myself and cutup—have fun with it. You don’t want to be too prepped.”

But is the director behind such inspired lines as I Love Black Dick, Assploitations, and Tory Lane’s Bitches worried that she may just warp the fragile minds of the Loveline audience?

“I’m just gonna be honest and direct,” said Lane. “I know that Dr. Drew thinks women in the business are all one way—but we’re not all like Mary Carey! So, please don’t let her be the barometer of our well being!”