Tory Lane Goes Alt in Sin City's <i>Outkast</i>

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Everybody's feeling a little alt these days, and Sin City is not a company to miss out on a happening vibe. So the studio has put together an alt movie all its own, Outkast, starring contract girl Tory Lane and directed by Jim Powers.

"We had a whole bunch of porn stars on rollerblades acting like derby girls," Lane told AVN. "We had a live band play in it, I had a cute little fight scene in it. It was fun."

Lane proposed the idea of an alt movie to Sin City and was originally slated to direct the project. When the company decided to produce the video as a feature, Powers took the reins.

"Jim directs the features, I just direct my gonzo lines like Assploitations and Tory Lane's Bitches," Lane explained.

On that note, Lane said she's gearing up for Vol. 9 of Assploitations, her third time in the director's chair for the series. "That's my baby, I'm going to fuckin' perfect that shit, and it's gonna get some awards whether AVN likes it or not!" she laughed.

As for Outkast, Lane said that it's not out to lampoon the alt movement (as some might suspect with Powers at the helm). "Not at all!" she exclaimed. "'Cause the way that I am, I'm a total rocker chick, loud and obnoxious. So it's my deal. It's my movie. And I want to [direct an alt movie], but we're gonna make into a gonzo, not a feature. It's just this one, we had so many ideas, and before you know it, it turned into a feature. I'm new at all this with them, so I have a whole composition book in my head of wild porn that I want to shoot."

Outkast is due in stores Sept. 20.