Topco Unveils New Lexington Steele Line

Lexington Steele is living large. Really large. Posing with an NBA-sized cardboard standee in the Topco suite, Steele cuts an imposing figure. “My evil twin,” he jokes as he puts a hand around his own shoulder.

Steele is here to debut his brand-spanking-new line of toys, hewed directly from his infamous appendage. “What we got from Lex’s movies was a naturalistic approach,” relates Polita Barnes-Reinker of Topco’s Licensing and Brand department. “I believe the toys reflect that.”

A perfect example is the Interracial Dual Dong. Welded at its center, this highly flexible uber-unit proves that an uncompromised middle ground can co-exist between chocolate and vanilla lovers. As with the entire Steele line, Topco’s lifelike patented Cyberskin is the material of choice. Water-based lubricants are the preferred grease de la groin.

A popular performer, Steele deferred signing his valuable moniker until he found just the right manufacturer. He certainly had his pick of the litter. After perusing a number of offers his final selection turned out to be an easy one.

“I was recommended to Scott Tucker through a mutual business associate,” reveals Steele. “It was clearly my best choice. I could’ve signed with other companies, but I appreciate the fact that Topco really values my input.”

Speaking of input, another item up for grabs is the Interracial Stroker; a masturbation sleeve to end all sleeves wherein its pliable brown shaft gently surrounds a Caucasian pussy. Smiling broadly, Steele demonstrates his Power Lock Harness—which is literally a snap to employ. He holds it against his crotch, observing “now that’s really accurate!”

Another novelty in the line are the Big Man XL cock rings… although Steele might disagree with the assignation. “My initial concern was perception. Would the consumer see it as merely a novelty or more as a utility? I tend to prefer the latter. I regularly get email from ladies who have serious fantasies about size. I’m glad to be in a position to accommodate that.”

Ultimately, Steele likens his Topco line with Nike sneakers. “Brand names carry weight,” says Steele. “The Nike customer doesn’t just want Nike, they want a Michael Jordan shoe. With my line the customer can watch one of my videos and have sex with the star at the same time. It’s the best of both worlds.”

Photo of Steele by Jon Duede.