Tony Sartoro Named New Sales Manager for Metro

Tony Santoro has been named the new sales manager for Metro, filling the void left by Steve Miller’s departure last week. Santoro has been working at Metro for a year, originally in sales, but was moved over to production to assist Joey Wilson, the general manager of Metro, with his duties.

Santoro was an All-American water polo player while studying at Villanova, where he majored in communications with a minor in criminal justice. After a short stint in car sales, he landed a job at Metro’s sales division – but was quickly transferred to the production division, where he served as Metro general manager Joey Wilson’s right-hand man.

“He was in on production from day one. Having the intimate connection to the content, and knowing his enthusiasm for it, I figured no one could push our stuff better than him,” Wilson said.

“The numbers are three times higher than I expected,” Wilson said, commenting on Santoro’s first week in his new position.

“I’m glad that I can get over here and sell Fusxion, because I really care about Fusxion. Joey and I put a lot of enery into developing it. I have confidence in everything we’re doing and I encourage everyone to jump on board,” Santoro said. “And Cal Vista is going to be doing some incredible stuff as well. There's just so much going on over here it's amazing.” 

Santoro can be reached at 888-963-8769 x 114.