Tommy Kaye Launches Production Company

Veteran producer/director Tommy Kaye has announced the launch of his new production company, Tommy Kaye Productions. The company will focus on what Kaye describes as "feature-esque gonzos."  

"Everyone that deals with me in this business knows that I am all about high production values along with great sex," said Kaye, who has produced for Puritan Video and other adult studios. "My style is a crossover between gonzo and features—very hot gonzo sex with the look and sound of higher end features. That's what we want to be known for."

Tommy Kaye Productions' first release will be the conceptually creative rich-bitch fantasy The Collectors, starring Sandra Parker, Linda Slim, Kyra Banks, Lisa Rose, Vanessa Moore, and Evelyne Foxy. "The Collectors is about rich women that ride around in a limousine and snatch guys off the street to use, sell, and buy for their own sexual pleasures," explained Kaye with a laugh. "I thought that'd be a good way for women to get even!"

Kaye will follow The Collectors with the first volume in a farm-girl series entitled Country Fresh. Shot on an authentic working horse farm, the title will feature a cast of mostly rural honeys. "Our productions have something for everyone," noted Kaye. "And, I think they are very couples-friendly without watering down the sex."

Kaye, who created and produced the Rusty Boner series for Nitro in the late 90s and, most recently, the D.P./anal-heavy Twisted Tommy line for Legend Video, plans to build a brand name with Tommy Kaye Productions. "Previously, I produced titles for other companies, and several for myself, and I flew below the radar screen. Now, I have three really great partners backing me who also believe in me. Together, we are planning to make some noise in this business. It's a new direction for me."

Kaye is also finishing production on The Metro-Sexual, a recreation of European fashion photographer Victor Solo sexual conquests, and Derrière Digest, a video magazine for the butt connoisseur.

Tommy Kaye Productions is currently seeking a distributor to handle its upcoming titles. The Collectors releases in April. Country Fresh will follow two weeks later.

Kaye may be reached at For sales and marketing, e-mail