Tommy Kaye Explores Mystique of <i>The Metrosexual</i>

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - East Coast director Tommy Kaye and his company, Tommy Kaye Productions, will be exploring the phenenomenon of "metrosexuality" in the company's upcoming release, The Metrosexual.

Based on the real-life exploits of international male model and adult performer Victor Solo, The Metrosexual has Solo using his suave "metrosexual" charms on Janice King, Roxy Panther, Sabrina Rose, Evelyne Foxy, Linda Slim and Linda Brown.

For those who don't recognize the name, Tommy Kaye has worked for companies like Legend Video, Puritan International, Nitro, Arrow, Odyssey Group and Casso Rosso Amsterdam. Kaye also shoots for his own labels Tommy Kaye Productions, Twisted Tommy and Rusty Boner Videos.

While The Metrosexual is coming in March, no specific street date has yet been set.

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