Tommy Gunn's "Cummin' At You" Is Finally Cummin' At You

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Excitement was certainly in the air when Pure Play Media began giving out brochures for Tommy Gunn's Cummin' At You Interactive 3D production at the Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) in January — and of course, the first question we asked was, "When's it coming out?"

The company posted a hot trailer for the movie in February, and the DVD release date was set for sometime in March, but that date came and went with nary a peep from Pure Play ... until now.

"We want to present the film in the best way possible," noted Pure Play CEO Richard Arnold in a press release, "and know that viewing resolution and the overall experience is key, so we've kept in time with the release of coordinating technology for this masterpiece."

Apparently, technology advances were the reason for the hold-up, and anyone who wandered from the AEE over to the CES would have seen a variety of 3D-capable TVs and monitors on display – and it's that technology that Pure Play wants to harmonize with the disc's release.

"This film utilizes the latest in stereoscopic technology making it possible to photograph first-person point-of-view in 3D," the company states. "Recent developments in consumer electronics will allow the next generation of TVs to have three-dimensional technology built into them so that the viewer does not have to alter their personal style by wearing 3D glasses. The DVD will be encoded to work with these high-end 3D home theatre systems, but it will also work with a standard TV, projection, LCD or Plasma screens with the included 3D glasses."

The built-in "three-dimensional technology" the company refers to is a lenticular screen similar to those used with 3D movie posters and advertisements – and some XXX box covers like WildLife Productions' Screw My Wife Please 3D — and with the "next generation of TVs" able to use the new high-definition architecture to deliver  two interlaced but distinct video images, viewers will be able to watch all the hot action as if they're looking through a window at real people getting it on. However, even those with older TVs will still be able to enjoy the 3D effects by wearing the now-familiar tinted glasses, though it's unclear at the moment whether those will be the historic red/blue-lensed "anaglyph" variety, or the new "ColorCode" blue/yellow glasses most recently used for the 3D ads broadcast during this year's Super Bowl. Interestingly, while the Cummin' At You trailer on the website used to require the red/blue glasses to view it, it now requires the ColorCode-type glasses — which, hopefully, everyone saved from January.

But whichever viewing method 3D porn fans use to check out the material, hot action awaits. The movie stars  Gunn, Sindee Jennings (who squirts in 3D right at the camera in one scene), Tony DeSergio and Riley Evans, and Pure Play dubs it "the most interactive point-of-view (POV) movie ever made, with a 'choose-your-adventure' layout containing over 10,000 scenarios."

If Cummin' At You is the success Pure Play thinks it will be, the likelihood is that it will not only spur more adult companies to produce interlaced videos, but will also drive sales of lenticular-screened TVs, which should make Hollywood happy, since more and more of its releases are either entirely 3D or contain 3D sequences, and moviegoers will want to duplicate that 3D sensation when screening the movies on their home theater systems. And as has been proven with every tech advance since the VCR, adult material available in the new format always drives sales of the required hardware.

"I'm tremendously excited about the project Cummin' At You and the reception we know it will get," Gunn himself said. "This is truly an interactive DVD, which allows the viewer the opportunity to literally be involved, not to mention feel like they're right in the action. I’m taking the viewers experience to the next level of adult entertainment."