Tommy Gunn Profiled on Philly TV News

AVN's reigning Male Performer of the Year Tommy Gunn was the subject of a television news segment that aired May 1 on Philadelphia's NBC 10.

The broadcast was the second part of an investigative report on the adult industry that brought the station's news crew to Los Angeles. The first segment attempted an expose of pornographic text messages allegedly originating from the Philly-based parent company of VOD website 

NBC-10 reporters followed Gunn to an unnamed studio to witness the making of an adult video. Despite the station's efforts to cast the porn business in a negative light, Gunn maintained that his occupation as a performer is legitimate. 

"For me, it's an honest living," said the New Jersey-born Gunn, 40. "I'm not doing drugs. I'm not hurting anybody. I'm not doing anything illegal...We're not doing anything that people aren't doing at their own room in their own privacy. I mean, we just agree to do that as a form of entertainment; we're making a product."

To read the full NBC-10 report, click here.