Tom Byron Pictures Enters Parody Market

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Tom Byron Pictures has tapped acclaimed parody director Lee Roy Myers to helm the company’s first adult parody movie, currently shooting over the next two weeks in Los Angeles.

Based upon the disturbing and controversial horror film The Human Centipede, Myers’ The Human Sexipede is expected to hit stores in October.

The Human Sexipede follows three unsatisfied tourists, two of whom are sexy American women. Somehow the trio ends up being guinea pigs in the “Mad Sexual Educator’s” twisted experiment to create the human sexipede—accomplished by sewing three people together, mouth to genitals.

“I wanted to do a very funny and sexy parody based on a very sick and twisted movie,” Myers said. “Having already parodied The Golden Girls, this was next on the list. I think that people will either laugh hysterically and masturbate to this movie, or feel uncomfortable and still masturbate. Either way, everybody will be satisfied.”

The Human Sexipede stars Sunny Lane, Amber Rayne, Danica Dillan and company namesake Tom Byron.

“After working with Lee Roy on The Big Lebowski parody, I definitely wanted to work with him again,” Byron said. “So, when Lee Roy showed me the script for The Human Sexipede I was excited to bring Tom Byron Pictures its first parody. Our cast, crew and script are amazing. Not only will the choice of movie shock people, but also the incredible production value. The Human Sexipede will definitely become the most talked-about parody of the year.”

The project already has picked up mainstream buzz on blogs,, and