Tom Byron Celebrates Birthday, Career Anniversary

Industry icon Tom Byron will be celebrating 25 years in the adult business in May - and today, he celebrates his 46th birthday. But Byron, who has over 5,000 performances under his belt, remained grounded. 

"I'm shooting today. What else am I going to do?" he laughed. "Celebrate how much closer I am to the grave?"

Byron instead has chosen to focus on what has made him happiest throughout his life—fucking hot chicks. "Girls are definitely a lot more sexually open today than before" he noted. "And, there are 20 times as many girls in the business since when I started. And, they're not all old actresses like Honey Wilder where you feel like your fucking your mom."

Other things have changed as well. "Girls don't have pubes now. Nobody has pubes," observed Byron. "Not even the guys! You should see some of my old movies. I can't even believe I could produce that much pubic hair."

These days Byron's nuts are as bald as Ben English's head. "You have to keep up with the kids," he warned. "You have to be fashionable. Am I gonna go to the set with a big patch of pubic hair? The chicks will be 'what the fuck is all that hair? you should trim, ya know?'"

Byron admits he's still a competitive performer. "If I wasn't competitive why would I care about what I look like naked?" he reasoned. "I'd just be Ron Jeremy. Just the fact that I watch what I eat and work out a bit and care about what I look like on camera suggests I'm still competitive."

Byron's competitive spirit keeps the legendary performer eager to test his limits. With his career's 25th anniversary on the horizon, Byron is in the planning stages of a possible reverse gangbang featuring 25 starlets. "It would be good to do it on the actual anniversary, in May. That's when I did my first job," he said. "I'd get Matt Zane to direct it because he directed the first and only one I did a few years ago, Put it in Reverse 2—I did like 13 girls. We'd release it as a double disc set. It'd be a then-and-now commemorative edition featuring both movies."

Despite his obsessive love for vagina, Byron has not lost sight of his production company, Evolution Erotica (Lord of Asses, Whack Attack). This month, Byron merged his company with distribution power house, Pleasure Productions. "It's a good way to keep the product moving out there," said Byron. "Frank [Kay, Pleasure Productions' owner and CEO] is the biggest fucking distributor in the business. Plus, I go way back with Frank. I've known him for 20 years!"

Byron takes a thoughtful pause when asked how he feels about today's adult industry. "When the business was smaller, you kinda knew everybody," he reflected. "I don't want to say it was like a family. It wasn't like Boogie Nights where everything is cool and groovy. But, there's something to be said about knowing everybody in your immediate circle.

"But," Byron adds with a laugh, "There's a lot more to be said for being able to say that, despite all the movies I've shot, I still haven't fucked every girl I want to fuck yet. Ten years ago that would be unheard of."