‘Avatar’ Re-Release Includes Previously Cut Na’vi Sex Scene

HOLLYWOOD—In the end, sex always prevails, even if it’s extraterrestrial... and very brief. James Cameron’s Avatar is a case in point.

When Avatar was released in late 2009, to great acclaim and even greater box office success, the 3D phenomenon promised a unique vision of sex as performed by the Na’vi, the “sapient humanoid indigenous inhabitants of the fictional moon Pandora.” Ultimately, however, the scene was cut from the theatrical version, though it was still included in the DVD version.

But Friday, along with eight minutes plus change of other additional footage, the sex scene will finally be available for viewing on the big screen—all 20 seconds of it! The planned November re-release standard-def DVD and Blu-ray disc special editions will reportedly include 16 minutes of extra footage, including the sex scene.

As far as the sex scene itself goes, 20th Century Fox posted the complete script online in January, and MovieLine thoughtfully provided the excerpt of the blue scene.

At less than half a minute, it can only provide so much tentacle titillation, especially for fans of explicit alien sex (and you know who you are), but not to worry, the porn version of Avatar—Hustler Video’s This Ain't Avatar XXX 3D, directed by Axel Braun—is due out in late September.