TMZ: Hirsch Reaches Out to Casey Anthony

LOS ANGELES—TMZ is reporting that Vivid co-founder Steve Hirsch called Casey Anthony’s victorious attorney, Jose Baez, hours after the Tuesday jury verdict that cleared his client of the most serious criminal charges facing her, “to discuss the possibility of a business relationship.”

Though no specific terms were reported, Hirsch is quoted as saying, “Whether you agree with the verdict or not, Casey will want to move forward with her life and has a right to make a living. It’s not going to be easy for her and we believe we can help her make the transition into a new life.

"We’ve all seen the pictures of her partying and having a good time with friends where she definitely looks hot,” Hirsch continued, adding, “I’m sure Baez and Casey are celebrating today, but I’m hoping to connect with him very soon.”

Headline News (the Nancy Grace channel) reported on the Vivid offer Wednesday morning in its Sentencing Watch coverage of the Casey Anthony trial, in which 25-year-old Casey was found not guilty of the 2008 premeditated murder of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee.