TMZ Captures Evan Stone, Craig Valentine in Pro Wrestling Challange

LOS ANGELES – TMZ’s cameras caught a professional wrestling challenge between adult performer Evan Stone and New Porn Order owner Craig Valentine outside a Los Angeles restaurant. Stone recently expressed his interest in adding professional wrestling to his list of credentials as well as taking the championship belt which Valentine currently holds.

The clip shows Valentine, along with NPO’s newest director and former WWE wrestler, Gangrel, challenging Stone to pick a professional wrestler of his choice and bring him to the Playboy Mansion on Friday during the Webmaster Access West party.

“If he’s impressive enough, I’ll consider putting the championship belt on the line,” said Valentine.

TMZ's camera then caught some commentary from Ron Jeremy on the porn-wrestling connection. Quoth the Hedgehog: "It's a new kind of cuddle."

For the whole TMZ clip, click here.