TLA, Partner with SPCA to Offer DVD to New Dog Owners

TLA Entertainment Group will partner with mainstream pay-per-minute site to provide the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals with thousands of copies of Training Your Adopted Dog. The free DVD instructs families about how to build a successful and loving relationship with their new “best friends.”

"We are thrilled to receive this generous support from TLA Entertainment Group and,” says Anne Plutzer, corporate communications director of the Pennsylvania SPCA. “Thanks to the generous support of these two companies, we can now equip new owners with the information they need to drastically reduce the number of new adoption returns we receive.”

Each year, the Pennsylvania SPCA finds homes for approximately 6,000 adopted dogs from the organization’s seven shelters. Currently, the return rate is 9 percent within two months of adoption. When a new owner returns a dog so quickly, it often indicates the owner could not develop a bond with his or her new friend. This is difficult for owners who feel they failed, and upsetting for the returned dogs.

PSPCA always has sought ways to reduce returns. Reports from other shelters have shown that giving a free dog-training DVD to each adopter provides new owners with the information they need to communicate and work with their animals, drastically cutting the number of returns to shelters.

PSPCA wanted to provide Training Your Adopted Dog, produced by, but didn’t have the funds to provide the thousands of copies needed. That’s when TLA Entertainment Group and came to the rescue. The two companies pooled their resources and are sharing the cost to duplicate 6,000 copies of the instructional DVD. In the next few weeks, all PSPCA shelters will give these videos to new adopters at no cost.

“TLA Entertainment Group is excited to help such a wonderful cause,” says Brian Sokel, director of marketing for TLA Entertainment Group. “As an animal-friendly company, with many of our pets in the office with us on a regular basis, it is a great honor to be involved. Working with the PSPCA is a perfect match for the company."