TLA Entertainment Group Launches Budget-Conscious

TLA Entertainment Group has launched a new site to serve budget-conscious adult entertainment patrons:

This new companion site to offers 7,500 inexpensive but high-quality adult DVDs for both straight and gay audiences, as well as a wide selection of sex toys and novelties.

Every DVD in the straight section of Adult4Less is less than $15, and every title in the gay section is less than $25. All sex toys and novelties are less than $20.

Each section has thousands of titles, many from the major studios. The new site also will offer the same advanced search engine and the same customer service that has made one of the top-rated DVD retail sites on the Internet.

“If there is a guiding principle to Adult4Less, it is simply this: Cheap doesn’t have to mean junk,” says marketing manager Brian Sokel, who oversaw the creation of the new site. “Unlike other discount sites, Adult4Less offers bargain-basement prices but not bargain-basement product. Its managing editors are the same people who oversee TLA Video’s premium adult sections, and they are committed to stocking the site with the best in the business. Adult4Less’ titles are top-of-the-line that satisfy the bottom line.”