Titan Media Wins Two More Copyright Infringement Cases

A Federal judge has awarded $90,750 plus attorney's fees and court costs to Io Group, Inc., parent company of gay adult producer Titan Media, in two recent willful copyright infringement cases.

Robert M. Lauenstein/AG Entertainment was ordered to pay $49,500 in damages for illegally posting six Titan Media photographic images on his AreaGay.com website. The award includes $4,500 for violations of rights of publicity for those images.

In the second case, a total judgment of $41,250 was levied against John J. Carlin for his illegal sale of five Titan images in a CD photo collection via the online auction site eBay.

On a per-image basis, the awards work out to $8,250 per photograph.

"We are extremely pleased with these awards by the court," said Titan Vice President Keith Webb in a press release. "These judgments are the result of Titan Media's continued campaign to bring to an end the pilfering of online adult materials. These cases highlight the potential liability of major operations and small-time infringers alike. Titan Media demands compensation every time someone uses its valuable content."

Copies of the judgment orders are available online here and here.