Titan Media Issues Anti-Barebacking Policy

In a policy statement released Tuesday, Titan Media, one of gay-XXX's highest-profile video companies, said it will not knowingly hire any model or performer who has previously appeared in films that depict or portray "barebacking" (unprotected anal sex).

"Any potential model," according to the statement, "who has performed in any film featuringunprotected anal sex will automatically be disqualified from performing in a Titan Media or ManPlay production." The policy applies as well to models who have previously appeared in Titan Media productions and have gone on to perform in "bareback" films.

The statement was signed by Titan Media owners Bruce Cam, Keith Webb, Harold Creg, and Brian Mills.

Titan will, however, support the continued sale and distribution of "pre-condom" adult films. "Sex without condoms in these 'pre-condom' features was not a health hazard and was the accepted behavior at that time," explained Titan spokesman Webb. "Today's 'bareback' films depict and eroticize high-risk behavior as the centerpiece of their sensuality: Risking HIV is the fetish and foundation of these presentations. We find this to be reprehensible and an attempt to profit at the risk of the health and safety of performers and the community at large. We cannot and will not condone or support any performer or production company that produces films that promote, glorify, or depict high-risk sexual activity in the form of unprotected anal sex."

Webb told AVN.com that the issuing of the statement was due to a misunderstanding with a model. "We told him we wouldn't use him because he had made a barebacking video. He was upset and embarrassed because he hadn't known that that was Titan's policy. And we figured we'd better make a public statement right now."

"Response to our statement has been overwhelmingly positive," Webb said. "Overwhelmingly."