Titan Media Increases Commitment to ASACP

Io Group, the parent company of gay adult video company Titan Media, has upped its level of support of the Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP) to Corporate Sponsor, ASACP has announced.

ASACP is the organization that helps the adult-site industry combat child pornography.

“Titan Media supported ASACP first as an Approved Member at the Executive level for over a year and now has increased its support, becoming a Sponsor,” Joan Irvine, executive director of ASACP, said.

Titan and NakedSword.com are the only gay-adult companies that contribute to ASACP at the Corporate Sponsor level.

As explained in the ASACP statement, Io Group has long been an advocate for the protection of children in both the online and offline worlds. Io Group voluntarily and actively protects children by employing a number of technologies to help prevent its content from being viewed or accessible by minors.

These technologies include “C.O.P.S.” (Child Online Protection Services from “Verify Me”), a highly-accurate age and identity verification service; Digimarc TM K.I.D. Safe Watermark, an embedded mark that blocks adult images; ICRA (Internet Content Rating Association) meta tags, a self-imposed rating code that flags Titan Media as an adult website for filtering software; Digital Rights Management (DRM) a Microsoft technology used by Titan Media to lock online files, preventing re-distribution and requiring age verification.

“Io Group/Titan Media is proud to be associated with and support all the great work done by ASACP,” stated Keith Webb, Vice President, Io Group. “We urge others in the industry to support ASACP and their long term goals of protecting children in the online world.

“Titan Media actively promotes professionalism in the industry, whether it’s lobbying with the Free Speech Coalition during Lobbying Days in Sacramento, joining a letter writing campaign to senators in Washington, fighting against copyright infringement, or protecting children,” Irvine said.

“It wasn’t until I met with [Io Group General Counsel] Gill Sperlein and Keith Webb and they explained the amount of business they turn away (more than sixty percent) that I understood their real commitment,” Irvine continued. “Titan Media is in the industry for the long term and their business procedures reflect this commitment.”

In addition to a hotline, ASACP provides a self-regulatory vehicle for its more than 5,700 members through a Code of Ethics that promotes the protection of children through responsible, professional business practices (www.asacp.org/bestpractices.html).

For further information visit the ASACP site (www.asacp.org) or contact Joan Irvine, [email protected]