Titan Launches HIV Awareness Campaign

As part of its ongoing efforts in the areas of HIV awareness/prevention and eroticizing safer sex practices, Titan Media is embarking on a $10,000 plus "Have Fun…Play Safe" media campaign.

Aimed at raising the awareness of HIV prevention and condom use among at-risk, young gay men, the campaign will debut June 1 in the world-famous Castro area of San Francisco.

Targeted to impact the estimated 500,000 attendees of the 2004 San Francisco Gay Pride event, the media campaign will run throughout the month of June, and again in September to coincide with the Folsom Street and Castro Street Fairs.

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One of the ads from Titan's

safe-sex campaign

The media buy will blanket the Castro area in the form of MUNI bus-shelter ads, MUNI subway platform posters and in-store multi-media and print graphics.

"The current state of apathy in our community towards the use of condoms and safer sex practices is appalling," says Keith Webb, vice president of Titan Media. "We need to stand up and remind everyone that HIV/AIDS is still an issue that concerns us all. We need to help inform and educate the younger generations of gay men in HIV prevention and safer sex practices."

Webb says additional programs will follow. Some of these are development of a safer sex public service announcement that will be distributed to clubs, bars and events, and included in all TitanMen and ManPlay DVDs and video products distributed worldwide, and a "SaferSeXXX" pack consisting of a safer sex pamphlet, a latex condom with instructions for its proper use, and a packet of Pjur/Eros lubricant to be inserted into all TitanMen and ManPlay products distributed worldwide.

Titan will also increase visibility of condoms and place emphasis on eroticizing and showing the proper use of condoms in all TitanMen and ManPlay features.

"Our 'Have Fun… Play Safe' campaign is the next step in our commitment to be a positive role model," says Bruce Cam, President of Titan Media. "Every time I direct or produce a Titan Media feature, it is my goal to eroticize safer sex practices for our viewers. Safer sex can be hot sex!"

Local and grassroots community organizations in the fields of HIV/AIDS prevention and awareness are encouraged to contact Titan Media for free promotional materials and other resources designed to help spread the message of HIV prevention.

For more information, please contact Keith Webb at [email protected]